Cayman Islands

We recently returned from a lovely two month trip to Cayman.  It’s a group of three small islands in the Caribbean.  We stay on the largest of the three.  We go there because both my stepsons live there.

Our purpose fo this latest trip was to attend our oldest son’s wedding.  And also to spend Christmas and 2017 New Year’s Eve with them.  It was a very memorable trip, not only because of the spectacular wedding but our younger son became engaged and they announced they were expecting our first grandchild.  Wow, a lot to pack into one trip.

We normally would not travel to Cayman for a getaway.  There are no direct flights from where we live and Cayman is painfully expensive.  With patience, searching on the internet flights can be found for as little as $550 Canadian but accommodations tend to be pricey.  We have been lucky enough to stay with our sons in the past but future trips will require finding our own place to stay.  My plan is to explain how we manage to travel on a budget even in Cayman.

Since we plan to visit our new grand daughter in the near future I will be posting about the process.  Stay tuned.

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