Let’s review.

I have gotten to the end of week one of my experiment.  I did change a few things.  I added a second cup of coffee, the second cup is black with a splash of almond milk.  Also I have been drinking wine with dinner and after while watching tv.  I love my red wine.  Six out of the last seven days I have gone on a one mile power walk, on the seventh day my husband and I went kayaking for a couple of hours.   Lunch and dinner have been fairly consistent, protein, veg and healthy fat.  Overall I have felt pretty good.  Energy levels have been good.  Mood good.

Drum roll….. As of today my scale says I have lost 4.8 pounds. From my reading on the Net it appears what I am doing is Intermittent Fasting with coffee protocol.  The results are great but I think the wine and the almond milk in the second cup might end up slowing the results.  So I am going to do just my special bullet coffees in the mornings and curb my wine intake for this week.

I’ll check in again next Monday with my results.  I’ll continue to research for any other possible tweaks to the experiment.

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