A work in process.

Well it’s Monday and as I mentioned I am starting a weight loss experiment.  I have been for the last couple of years trying to find something that works for me and is manageable.  I tried Atkins, Calorie Counting, High Carb, Low Carb and various plans with limited results.  My step sons and their girlfriends recommended the Whole 30 and also had good things to say about the Bulletproof diet. My son also loves his Bulletproof coffee.  My first experience with the Whole 30 was a 13 pound loss in 28 days.  The 2nd attempt was 4 pounds in 30 days.  The interesting thing about the Whole 30 and Bulletproof diet is you are supposed to learn from your experience and tweak the diet to suit you.  So I will be experimenting over the next few months and documenting it here.  My hope is to find a lifestyle plan that works for me and to lose the last 21 pounds for good.

So far this will be my daily plan:

My Bullet Coffee – 1 1/2 teaspoon each of grass fed butter and coconut butter blend with 16 ounces of coffee.  After coffee go for a power walk (30-60 minutes)For lunch and dinner, clean protein (eggs, chicken, pork, beef, fish) with non starchy vegetables and 1 – 2 tablespoons healthy fat.  Drink lots of water and repeat daily.  No processed food, no grains, no alcohol, no sugar, no legumes. So other than the grass fed butter in the coffee I will be on a strict Whole 30 plan.

In future posts I will talk about my results (good and bad), how I am feeling and what tweaks I’ve made to the plan and why.



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