Baby steps

The weather lately has been grey and wet.  Scotch mist I think they call it.  These are great days to hunker down and curl up with a book or an iPad. Cocoon.  I’ve been trying to visualize what retirement with my husband will be like.  He’s very go, go, go.  Trying to fill every moment of time with activity, with the end goal of accomplishing stuff.  He gets quite agitated with me, I am always two steps behind.  Not quite in tune with his program.  I can easily waste days not doing much of anything, enjoying the leisure of having free time.  This might change when I am no longer working, too much of doing nothing might get on my nerves.  Not sure at this point.  You never know I might get strange like him, constantly looking for new projects, complaining there is not enough to time in the day to do it all.  Wanting more and more satisfaction from my accomplishments.  I can’t complain though, every time I have an idea he makes it a reality.  He makes everything happen.  We are polar opposites, about as different as you can get.  Which is what makes it interesting.

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