Every now and then I see the future.  Moments when I think “wow when I retire I can do this!”  Time is such a scarce luxury.  I often put off the activities that provide with me with my real joy because work and the time it takes gets in the way. Work provides a certain kind of satisfaction but in the scheme of life work should provide the means to do the things that truly give you your joy.  Strangely for me work, or rather what I’ve allowed myself to believe is that the obstacle preventing me from pursuing my joy is work.  I’ve gotten in a rut preventing me from experiencing life’s simple pleasures.  So today I have promised myself that my wellbeing will be my new work.  I will start experiencing joy.  I will no longer allow for my mindset to drag me down.  I will systematically prepare myself for the best time of my life.  Tomorrow is a new day, and it will be a good day!

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