All About Me

My name is Renee.  I live in a small community in Harrison Mills, British Columbia.  We are located near Hemlock Resort in the Douglas Ranges.  We are a three minute stroll from where the Chehalis and Harrison River meet, beside the Sandpiper Golf Course and across the street from Tall Timbers Park.  In a word, SUPERNATURAL!
We moved to our retirement home in the summer of 2013. We are Rick and Renee.  Rick has embraced retirement and I hope to follow suit soon.  I do love my job but my original plan of working from home fell through; and because we live where we do – I hate the commute!  But when life hands you lemons, you pucker up and revise the plan.  The items on Renee’s to-do list are being ticked off slowly one at a time.  My plan involves setting everything in place for a smooth transition from commute drudgery to retirement bliss.
My goal for retirement is to be able to enjoy the important things; family, friends and living life.  I am mom and step mom to four incredible young men. Ryan (35), Wade(31), Ryan (29) and Eric (27).  Fringe benefit of this is my resulting friendship with the amazing May, Juliana and Charlene.
Segment of mind is the chronicle of our adventure.
Renee & Rick in the Cayman Islands.

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